The Working Class and the Struggle for the Republic – George Gilmore


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First published in 1966 under the title Labour and the Republican Movement, this short pamphlet by George Gilmore still has great relevance and meaning for all those struggling to establish a socialist republic. Gilmore a veteran of the IRA and the Republican Congress, and a long-time Socialist Republican political activist, first wrote this as a series of articles in the United Irishman, paper of the Republican Movement, and was also presented as a lecture to the Dublin Branch of Muintir Wolfe Tone, and to the TCD Republican Club.

This short study has had a strong influence on socialist republicanism, with Peadar O’Donnell, in his introduction to the first edition, saying, “I consider George Gilmore the best possible counsellor on the early, difficult first steps for republican leaders to release themselves from a rigid pose before history to enable them to relate themselves to life. In this short study, Gilmore writes a footnote to Connolly’s Labour in Irish History.